Auburn AL Guitar Lessons

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Discover In Home Guitar Lessons

What if You could learn to play anything you wanted? You can learn the necessary tools to grow, and play any song you like! We are Auburn ‘s masters of the guitar, and one of the leading in home guitar instructors in Alabama. You do not have to work that hard, all you need is follow that path we designed for you , and BELIEVE in Yourself.
Auburn  Alabama guitar lessons

What you will Learn

Whether you are interested in a particular style or simply want to learn the basics, Auburn ‘s in home lessons teach you guitar at your own pace. Lessons are tailored to your musical interests . Play your favorite songs, learn to improvise on the guitar, or learn to read music and understand music theory. You can learn to play guitar styles like Classical, Jazz, Rock and Roll, Latin Jazz, Country, and more!

  • Pick any song and we will teach you how to play it.
  • From chords and proper fingering position

  • How to read guitar tablature and diagrams
  • How to re-string and tune the guitar

    Auburn ‘s Finest Guitar Lessons®

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    Why Select Guitar Lessons- Auburn ?

    Who we Teach:

  • GuitarLessonsLocal- Auburn is open to students of all ages and abilities. From age 4 through 104.

    Auburn Testimonials

    Rob had a very structured and unique way of teaching guitar. Rob didn’t do what most instructors do, and he offered more to me than most instructors. Not only did he offer the hour of instruction or whatever I needed here and there, but he offered his time in many other ways. And also during his lessons he would explain things to me that didn’t only work for guitar playing, but it worked for most things in general, if you apply them in different ways.

    ”Guitar Lessons Local has given me more than I expected, because I expected somebody to say “Okay here, do this, do that, go home, and come back next week,” but the follow up that he has given, and the effort of sending me the lessons, and the encouragement… He’s very subtle about it but he’s so positive, so he has surpassed my expectations.”
    – Mary from Auburn , AL

    Auburn  Alabama guitar lessons


    The acoustic guitar may be nylon or steel stringed . Our instructors are performers . Students of guitar may choose acoustic or electric guitar for their lessons.

    Auburn  Alabama guitar lessons


    This will teach you how to play your favorite electric guitar music from the radio or from any other source.

    Auburn  Alabama guitar lessons


    Our bass program an ideal option to learn how to play some of your favorite tunes in beginner guitar lessons Auburn or more advanced students looking for something different than what the crowd usually opts for.

    Auburn  Alabama guitar lessons


    It is most common for students of guitar to take one lesson each week. We can come directly to you!

    Request More Information on Our Instructors in Auburn , Alabama

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