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If I were to look at myself and wonder what makes him a good instructor, I would observe how he interacts with the student, how he encourages the student, how he interacts with family/friends of the student and how he carries himself as an individual.

Sure. Skateboarders are a different breed of people. But nonetheless, they are people who have core values, dedication, equal balance and respect, wether it’s their peers or their superiors or their skateboards, respect is learned then earned within themselves and by others.
If I were to look at myself and wonder, I would be proud to say that I am a skateboarder.
Yours Truly,
Dan S.

Dan teaches Go Skate CERTIFIED Skateboard Lessons in Nashville!


Nashville, TN, United States
Dan S. Nashville, TN
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Rich has been skateboarding and longboarding for 10 years, and also a downhill skateboarding/slide longboarding teacher for a little over a year. His love of the sport comes from watching surfing videos when he was a kid, and translating the disappointment of not living on the coast of Southern California into shredding the hills of his hometown and beyond.

Skateboarding is an amazing stress reliever, and can amaze anybody with what they can do after they put in a little practice. Rich’s goal is to make skateboarding more accessible to the general public through informative lessons given at a comfortable pace determined by the student.

Rich is a Go Skate Certified Skate Instructor in Southington CT!


Plantsville, CT 06479, USA
Rich M. from Southington, Connecticut
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When you have a passion for skateboarding and want to take it to the next level, you start to think of what you can do to better yourself.  That is when you find Goskate and find the right person to help you through your journey to becoming a better skater.

 Having someone there who truly cares about skateboarding and the well being of you makes a huge difference.  Knowing that safety is the number one aspect of this company would make anyone feel comfortable.  Having a great mindset and attitude everyday towards yourself and the people around you can change the energy that is flowing around you.

 When you set your mind on something you will never stop until it is accomplished.  These are great goals for skateboarding but also great life goals to make people more aware of there surroundings.  

Nohea is ready to teach you skateboard lessons in the Hilo area!


220-230 Komohana St, Hilo, HI 96720, USA
Nohea G. From Hawaii
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I have always had a passion for skateboarding & have been skating the majority of my life. It’s something I do because I love it and enjoy sharing it. I have the ability to teach all ages considering I often teach my own 3 year old daughter & have taught adults as well as teenagers. I would be a great instructor for you because I am able to teach you in a step-by-step detailed manner without the hassle because this is not just a job for me , it’s a true passion to be on a board and share that with you and yours . 


-Teaching for a couple years for Go Skate
-Excellent feedback


San Diego, CA 92113, USA
Francisco P. San Diego, CA
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One of the reasons, I would be a great instructor and role model for some of the kids to look up to is my level of talent. I’m pretty good at skating. I’ve been in lots of skate projects. Thrasher is one and a bunch of other projects involving skating even acting.  My work ethnic with kids is really good. I have had experience coaching a kid, and I taught him step by step how to skate and learn a few secrets about skateboarding. It’s not about the hardest tricks. It’s always about making sure your just having fun!!!


Los Angeles, CA, United States
Terry S. from Los Angeles
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Skyler is a master of the flip and grind tricks. Kids within his neighborhood approach him for tips when he is riding at the skatepark. He is approachable that’s why kids get to come along with him well. He has lived a skateboarders lifestyle since 2005.

A few of his tricks are rail tricks front and backside 50/50, 5-0 nosegrind, smith feeble, krooked tail slide, bluntslide and he can do all of these 180 out and on ledges too.



Amarillo, TX 79103, USA
Skyler H. From Amarillo
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Devon has given lessons to all the local skaters on his neighborhood and been doing it for the last 13 years of his skating experience. Kids, novice boarders and friends look up to him for tips and advises. He always reminded them that getting comfortable with their board first really helps them get better down the line.
The more advanced trick he can land and would teach is shuv lipslide 270 shuv out.



Amarillo, TX 79102, USA
Devon M. From Amarillo
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Damon has given children lessons at the local skatepark, but nothing professionally where he got paid. He taught them on how to properly push turn kick turn and come to a stop as well as basic safety measures.

Some of the most advanced tricks I could teach are a pressure flip, nollie 360 flip, 360 flip, 360 flip switch and regular, nollie big flip and lots more.



Waco, TX 76706, USA
Damon W. From Waco
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20-years skating expert Thavisak has worked for YMCA Skate Camp in CA from 2000 – 2001 as head skate instructor which is now called Element Camp. He skates regularly at Eureka Skate Park where he gets to meet diverse groups of skater who shares the same passion in life- SKATEBOARDING.

A few tricks he can teach are fakie tre flips fakie half cab flip inward heel Hardflip 360 shuv Nollie 360 shuv double flip. Blunt to fakie 5-0 to tail to fs 180 drop in disaster and many more.


Eureka, CA 95501, USA
Thavisak S. From Eureka
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Maize- a skateboarder of 9 years, has taught a variety of tricks from basics like balance and ollies to advanced tricks like 360 flips and grinds to youngsters and novice skaters he gets to ride with in Washington Jefferson skatepark.

A very well-rounded skater and can pretty much do any trick in the books. He enjoys riding with his fellow skaters, sharing tricks and encouraging others to be more aware of the sport and be better at it.

kickflips, 360 flips big flips front or backside 360s. Rail tricks front and backside 50/50, 5-0 nosegrind, smith feeble, krooked tail slide are just some of the tricks he can teach and show you.


Eugene, OR, USA
Maize B. From Eugene
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