Terry S. from Los Angeles

Date:November 19, 2016 1:06 pm


One of the reasons, I would be a great instructor and role model for some of the kids to look up to is my level of talent. I’m pretty good at skating. I’ve been in lots of skate projects. Thrasher is one and a bunch of other projects involving skating even acting.  My work ethnic with kids is really good. I have had experience coaching a kid, and I taught him step by step how to skate and learn a few secrets about skateboarding. It’s not about the hardest tricks. It’s always about making sure your just having fun!!!

Your First Name: Terry
Your Phone Number 213-321-3743
When Did You Start Skateboarding? (Approx.) 2011
What Will Students Get From a Course With You?

they will learn how to skate

What Types of Tricks and Skating Can You Teach

i can teach pretty much teach everything learning how to push i can teach flat ground tricks ledges rails ramps anything

Your Highest Level of Education: Graduated High School

Brooklyn Projects Gnarcotic Adidas Flow

Contest History ive skated a couple of damn am contests and 1 of the odd future camp flog gnaw skate contests
United States of America