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Thomas been skating for more than 13 years and can skate rails, ledges, tranny, stairs, etc. He teaches random kids at Glenwood & Carbondale he gets to meet and skate with where he thinks is struggling with a trick.

He is incredibly patient and have been told very good with kids. A solid skateboarder and is very knowledgeable with the he sport- big names, tricks lingo, brands, etc.



Rifle, CO 81650, USA
Thomas W. From Rifle
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Dorian has always been passionate about skateboarding. He started when he was 13 and he has not stopped since. His life has been transformed by skateboarding and he wants to help others experience the same transformation. He is great with the basics and has taught a number of people how to stand on, and ride, a skateboard. He is a good teacher for those who have never ridden a skateboard before or for those who are trying to harness their skills. 

Top Instructor for Albuquerque Skateboard Lessons!


Albuquerque, NM, United States
Dorian S. from Albuquerque NM
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Over a decade of skateboarding experience, really interested in providing a service for young kids that helps them learn and develop skills while enjoying the great outdoors. 
Fredericton, NB, Canada
Fergus B. From Fredericton
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I am an experienced skateboard instructor living in Santa Clarita, CA. I have great experience with kids from ages 7-17 from working at a kids skate camp as a counselor/instructor. The parks I am able to have lessons at are:

Santa Clarita Skatepark
Fillmore Skatepark
Piru Skatepark.

17706 Scherzinger Lane, CA, United States
David Martinez, Skateboard Intructor
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Franklin C. would be a great instructor because he has a lot of experience in skating an also teaching an he makes sure safety comes first before even starting the lesson an he makes sure you learn new trick an have lots of fun

Learn Skateboarding With

-New Tricks,
-and Have Fun


Washington, DC, United States
Franklin C. From Washington dc
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I’ve been skateboarding since age 10 and I am now 26. I help manage a skateshop and still skate on my free time, my life revolves around it!! I’ve lived in California where I got to skate at a dozen new skateparks and find new skate spots all while meeting professionals and making connections in the business.

I’ve worked with Go Skate in the past and have had around 5 successful skateboard lessons thus far.  I’ve been recommended and I have a lot of old product as well to give to beginners to learn on as well. You can find about a dozen videos of me skating on YouTube if you search my name. Give me a call!

Saratoga Springs Area Skateboard Lessons


Queensbury, NY, USA
Nick M. From Upstate, NY
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Shane loves to skate. He is a very good teacher who has a passion for the sport.

He is very patient and loves to watch others learn and do better. He is great with younger kids and people older that are just getting into the sport.

He can meet you for skateboard lessons at any skatepark within 20 miles of Dover NH.


312 Webb Pl, Dover, NH 03820, USA
Shane F. from Dover, NH
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Anthony is a GREAT teacher/ instructor for all ages!! He skates mainly at the Winston Salem fair grounds skate park, and it’s always a show!! He’s great for flat ground tricks and grinds, but don’t leave him out for anything else! He’s really good! I’m surprised not Pro yet! 

Make Anthony your teacher today. Get started with skateboard lessons in the Winston Salem area


1700 Lynwood Avenue, Winston-Salem, NC, United States
Anthony B. Winston Salem, NC
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Pro Skateboarder. Certified Skate Instructor. Years of Experience!

Rodney’s Bio:
My name is Rodney Mead I am a pro Vert Skater with Sponsors. I am currently competing in masters division.

I teach all levels and all ages.

I will go anywhere to do skate lessons within 50 miles of Orlando, FL and Saint Cloud, Fl.


Orlando, FL, USA
Rodney M. from Orlando, FL.
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Lets have some fun and skate!

Corey has a lot of experience with teaching kids how to skateboard from working at summer camps (Woodward Skate Camp in Pennsylvania) to having fun with kids at the local parks.

Corecy can teach skateboarding lessons all over the east end of Long Island, Hamptons, Suffolk County, and even New York City if the kids are super into it.

Lessons (Private and Group) for the following levels:
Beginner through advanced, all levels.

All ages. (4 and up!)


69B Old Country Rd, East Quogue, NY 11942, USA
Corey B from East Quogue, NY (Hamptons Area)
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