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Agoura Hills CA Surf Lessons

Cost in Agoura Hills

Our pricing for private surfing lessons is meant to be affordable. Our lessons are sold in packages. Our packages start at just $129.

Kick Surf Lessons of Agoura Hills was developed to help motivated youth in the lifestyle and skilled regiment of surfing. We take great…

Alameda CA Surf Lessons

Surfing is a popular pastime. It has come a long way from heavy wooden boards to light epoxy boards.
The best waves to learn on are consistent waves.
About Lesson Pro

Lesson Pro is a marketplace for finding certified instructors. We specialize in surf lessons. All of the surf lessons are customized to your…

Albany CA Surf Lessons


All ages and levels are welcomed at our lessons. Our customized instruction benefits all levels. It is never too late to start. We have even taught a 68 year-old grandfather who wanted to surf with his grandchildren. You can start surfing at any age.

Packages Include

Online Membership to Trick Tutor
One-year membership…

Alhambra CA Surf Lessons

About Surfing

Surfing is a fun sport to be involved in.
A new surfer should learn on consistent waves.
Who is Lesson Pro?

Lesson Pro is a marketplace for finding professional, certified instructors. We have taught surf lessons throught thousands of instructors. All surf lessons are customized to your location and level.


Alhambra Location
Our Cost…

Aliso Viejo CA Surf Lessons


– Surf Pro is an ASA Accredited School for safety.
– Surf Pro has been featured on ESPN,, and Yahoo Sports!
– Surf Pro was selected as the first school to teach kids for the government of Ireland.
– Surf Pro publishes one the most popular video channel with over 3,000,000 views

About Surfing

Surfing is…