Geneva NY Surf Lessons

Our Students

We offer lessons for all levels and ages. Our customized instruction will benefit all levels. We have taught a 68 year-old grand father who wanted to skate with his grandchildren. It is never too late. Surfing isn’t just for kids

All Lessons Include:

  • 3 Hours of Online/Members-Only Videos
  • One-year membership to Lesson Pro

  • 3-6 months of support with your surfing
  • And much more..

    How to Start Lessons in Geneva

    Step 1– Call Us: 800-403-2405 or inquire below for pricing at Geneva Beaches

    Step 2– Book a location and dates

    Step 3– Show up with surfboard (or you can rent ours) and equipment

    Geneva  New York Surf lessons

    Kick Surf Lessons of Geneva was developed to help motivated youth demographic in the lifestyle and skilled regiment of surfing. We take great pride in helping people of all ages learn surfing.

    Kick Surf Lessons are passionate in our desire to provide lessons to being a confident surfer, by providing the premiere school for all ages and abilities throughout New York.

    Cost in Geneva

    Anyone from Geneva can get into surfing at our pricing levels. The cost per session depends on how many sessions are purchased. It is best to contact us to get the recent pricing.



    – Surf Pro is an ASA (The American Surf Association) Accredited School for safety.

    – Surf Pro has been featured on ESPN,,, and Yahoo Sports!

    – Surf Pro was selected as the first school to teach kids for the government of Ireland.

    – Surf Pro runs a highly popular video channel with over 3,000,000 views and 17,000 subscribers.

    Geneva  NY Surf lessons

    What You Will Learn

    Geneva Curriculum

  • Learn how to ride your first wave
  • How to paddle
  • Frontside and backside turns
  • Ride your surf confidently
  • Get confident with your balance

  • Handling the large waves

    About Surfing

    Surfing is a long time pastime. It has evolved from wooden boards to light epoxy boards.
    The right waves are crucial for learning. They should be small, clean, and consistent.

    About Lesson Pro of Geneva

    Lesson Pro is a marketplace for finding certified surfers. We have taught surf lessons throught thousands of instructors. All surf lessons are customized to your location.


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