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Blanchester OH Singing Lessons

What you Need:

A voice
Everything else will be supplied by your trainer. Such as:
water and/or light snack and tablature.
Where we Teach:

At any of Harmony’s studios or at your home in/or near Blanchester.

Who we Teach:

All ages: 4 through 104 yrs old.
All skillsets: Beginner through Performance-level Advanced in Blanchester.
What we Teach:

1. Standard Theory, including…

Blanchester OH Golf Lessons

Blanchester Lessons Curriculum

1.Grip – the essential foundation of all great golf swings
2.Backswing – the first motion which sets up the swing
3.Downswing – the most complex, and arguably most valuable, move in the swing
4.Impact – often referred to as the moment of truth; it is the all natural result of all previous moves…

Blanchester OH Shooting Lessons

Shooting lessons in Blanchester offer you:

help in choosing the correct tool and protection for the eyes and ears with regard to comfortable and safe shooting.
the correct shooting techniques, such as the basic principles associated with stance, hold, and breathing technique in Blanchester.
essential shooting tips, for example how to line up the arm, hands, and gun.

Blanchester OH Ice Skating Lessons

Ice skating will be a pleasurable, fairly low priced, entertaining recreational exercise.
Ice skating stimulates health as well as health and fitness through toning muscles, increasing stamina levels, in addition to supplying an outstanding heart work out. Ice skating also assists your mental fitness. As an ice skater, you will have increased…

Blanchester OH Archery Lessons

Discover How to Shoot a Bow in a Two Week-Long Private Lesson in Blanchester

Are you having trouble learning how to shoot a bow? Is the difficulty of finding a class keeping you from a learning? Discover all of the basics of archery quickly in a one-week session. We will teach you the…

Blanchester OH Cooking Lessons

Master Making Delicious Meals in a Two Week-Long Cooking School

Be taught cooking quickly in a one-week lesson. Our School will show you spectacularcooking in your kitchen with appetizers and entries like filet mignon, creme brule, Californian avocado, Asian vegetable and peppered chicken pasta, bacon-wrapped sweet potatoes, and other amazing dishes.…