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Chicago IL Singing Lessons

What you Need:

A voice
Everything else supplied by your trainer. Including:
water and/or snack and tablature.
Where we Teach:

At any of Harmony’s studios or at your home in/or near Chicago .
We give lessons at any home within 20 mins of Chicago IL.

Who we Teach:

All ages: 4 – 104…

Chicago IL Shooting Lessons

It is important to always be a responsible gun owner as well as shooter of the gun. Shooting is a fun sport as well as, remarkably, mathematically safer compared to many other sporting activities, for example baseball, going swimming, or even biking.
shooting a gun is definitely an individual sport, or even supply possibilities for…

Chicago IL Ice Skating Lessons

If you want an excellent, pretty cheap, interesting leisure time exercise, think about ice skating.
Ice skating has a lot of benefits. Ice skating promotes wellness and physical exercise through firming muscles, increasing stamina, plus providing a fantastic cardio exercise. Ice skating also assists your mental fitness. As a skater, you will experience increased…

Chicago IL Spanish Lessons

Our extensive use of visual aids helps the student to retain the Spanish language lesson and makes the course more interesting. Clear points of basic sentence structure are accompanied by exercises to set the language patterns and structures in the mind of the student. To learn Spanish easily, simple dialogues are employed pertaining…

Chicago IL Singing Lessons

Find Out How To Master singing in 7 Days

Is learning singing often boring, hard, and discouraging? Do you regularly browse the web for free lessons and look for help from online forums, but get little results? Have you bought all the books and quit?

You can learn anything you…

Chicago IL Tennis Lessons

Find out How to Master How to Play Tennis in a Two Week-Long Beginner Tennis Class

Are you having trouble learning how to tennis? Learn all of the basic principles of Tennis quickly in a one-week class. We will show you the principles of Tennis like how to hit accurately, serve powerfully, and volley…