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Jenkintown PA Singing Lessons

Where we Teach in Jenkintown PA:

At any of Harmony’s studios or at your home in/or near Jenkintown.
We also give singing lessons at any home within 20 mins of Jenkintown PA.

Who we Teach:

All ages: 4 through 104 years old.
All abilities: Novice through Performance-level Advanced.
What we Teach in Jenkintown PA:

1. Standard Theory, like rhythm…

Jenkintown PA Shooting Lessons

It is important to always be a safe owner as well as user of a firearm. Shooting is a enjoyable activity as well as, remarkably, mathematically less dangerous compared to many other sports activities, for example basketball, going swimming, or even biking.
shooting a gun is definitely an individual activity, or even supply possibilities for…

Jenkintown PA Ice Skating Lessons

Ice skating is a fun, low-cost, entertaining leisure time exercise.
There are many benefits to be derived from ice skating. Skating stimulates wellbeing as well as conditioning by toning muscles, escalating stamina, in addition to providing a very good cardio work out. Skating also will help your mental fitness. As a skater, you…

Jenkintown PA Archery Lessons

Learn How to Shoot a Bow in a Week-Long School in Jenkintown

Archery is a recreational activity, an art form, and a country-living lifestyle. Archery has been designed and influenced by many archers throughout the ages. A 2002 survey and study by American Sports Data uncovered there were 18.5 million recreational…

Jenkintown PA Cooking Lessons

Discover How to Make Delicious Meals in a Two Week-Long Cooking Lesson

Learn cooking quickly in a one-week lesson. We will teach you spectacularcooking in your kitchen with appetizers and entries including filet mignon, creme brule, Californian avocado, Asian vegetable and peppered chicken pasta, bacon-wrapped sweet potatoes, and other amazing dishes.…