Albany GA Singing Lessons

Where we Teach in Albany GA:

Albany  GA singing lessons

  • At all of Harmony’s studios or at your home in/or near Albany .
  • We also give singing lessons at any home within twenty minutes of Albany GA.

    Who we Teach:

  • All ages: 4 through 104 years old.
  • All skillsets: Beginner through Performance-level Advanced.

    What we Teach in Albany GA:

    1. Fundamental Theory, like rhythm and time (blank)

    2. Interval identification or the “notes”

    3. Track patterns of how to feel the intervals in the fingers, and finally

    4.Reading Tablature

    When these levels are completed (in about 4-7 lessons) the student sight-reads specific songs in class in the monitored presence of the teacher. Over time the songs get gradually more advanced to the degree that a student could eventually read almost any piece of music.

    What you Need:

  • A voice
  • Everything else will be supplied by your instructor. Including:

    water and/or light snack and tablature.

    Albany ’s Best Singing Lessons

    Discover How To Master singing in 7 Days

    Albany  GA singing lessons
    Is learning singing often boring, hard, and discouraging? Do you regularly surf the web for free lessons and look for help from online discussion boards, but get little results? Have you bought all the books and given up?

    You can absolutely learn anything you want, after learning Harmony Singing’s 5-Steps to Success System. In this, we will teach the five secrets every expert singer already knows; like exactly how to use rhythm and time, trace patterns, playing from tablature and by ear.

    For over 20 years, We’ve been sharing our love for singing with all ages. They range from , beginners to advanced.

    Custom Tailored

    Classes are custom-tailored to the student’s goals and stylistic preferences, including classical, pop, rock, praise, folk, blues, and much more.


    –Roth Herrlinger in Albany , GA

    “I feel very enthusiastic about my years of studying the singing with Harmony singing Lessons. My teacher helped me grow tremendously, and I am now a full time music teacher.
    Harmony singing Lessons is that rare combination: our instructor was an exquisite classical singing performer and composer, but also quite versatile in popular styles.

    –Christopher Lynn in Albany , GA

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