Houston OH Golf Lessons

Houston Ohio golf lessons

Pricing in Houston

Private Lessons in Houston

– From $49.50/Student/Lesson

Group Lessons in Houston

– From $30/Student/ Lesson

Houston Lessons Curriculum

1.Grip – the crucial foundation of all great golf swings

2.Backswing – the first motion that sets up the swing

3.Downswing – the most difficult, and arguably most essential, move in the swing

4.Impact – usually referred to as the moment of truth; it is the purely natural result of all previous moves

5.Release – an powerful approach to manage and switch velocity and shot shape

Houston Ohio golf lessons
Lesson Pro now has been coaching golf classes for four years. We have taught classes.

Golf has been around since 1297 when it was first played by the Dutch. It has evolved quite a bit over the ages. The materials used to build clubs have changed, and multi-million dollar courses have been built. Millionaire golfers have emerged as celebrities and some of the most recognized names in pop-culture. Regardless of the fame and growth, Lesson Pro aims to help beginners improve their golf and keep it fun!

1.One size doesn’t suit all in golf. Even if you read and apply it correctly, odds are low that this week’s trick is exactly what you need to carry your golf swing to another level of performance.

2.A single swing change is rarely enough. Your golf swing is complex. Transforming one element of your swing influences the rest of the swing. For this reason one particular swing modification alone isn’t enough for most golfers.

3.Improvement calls for reinforcement.

Step by step method to golf training lessons in Houston

Houston Ohio golf lessons

Houston OH Golf Lessons

Ohio’s Golf Teachers Organization has believed in the power of using advanced technology in order to the improvement process. Golf Teachers Organization’s trademarked g-SWING method includes digital video and feedback. It does not stop there.

Each Golf Teacher’s class works by using state-of-the-art systems to drastically accelerate your progress in any area.

  • Course operations

  • Focusing methods

  • Successful practice and learning techniques

  • Anger management
  • Confidence building techniques

    Our solution to classes works. We have done more than 10,000 lessons. Most students have experienced a improvement

    Lesson Pro in Houston, Ohio

    Lesson Pro of Houston, OH is the leading provider of lessons in the nation. We provide private lessons in all 50 states with pre-screened instructors. We have taught over 15,000 lessons. All lessons come with a 100% money-back gaurantee. Lesson Pro is an Empact Showcase company recognized by the United Nations. It has been featured on ESPN, CNN.com, About.com, and Yahoo Sports!

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