LESSON PRO provides Worldwide Service connects certified Instructors

LESSON PRO is one of the leading providers of private lessons in North America & Nationwide that connects you to thousands of certified instructor. Take a lesson almost anywhere, and at any time, and we will connect you up to probably the most respectable instructors in your area.We Offer lessons like Sports, Academic, Music, Dancing, Sewing, Bartending at one of a large number of pre-approved locations or even your own particular house.All instructors are nationally Certified and trained.

The individual working with the student will be a Nationally Certified instructor with at least 5 years of experience and they will do an abilities evaluation at first just to see where the understudy is at since the projects are actually modified. All together for our instructors to work for us, they have an exceptionally broad 5-Step talk with a process, personal investigation and capacities appraisal.

Tennis Lessons

Our tennis projects and lessons teach beginners of any age appropriate racket grip for some serves and strokes like forehand strokes and backhand strokes. At the classes, you will learn tennis manners and also a considerable measure of decent tennis techniques.

Golf Lessons

Have you generally wanted to learn how to be a golfer? Be taught all of the basic fundamentals of golf fast in our golf lessons.We will teach you the principles of golf, for example, how to put, foot positioning, slices and driving, getting out of sand traps, and procedure.

Guitar Lessons

In Guitar Lessons, You can learn to play guitar styles like Classical, Jazz, Flamenco, Rock, Latin Jazz, Folk, Country, and much more. You are free to choose any song and we will teach you how to play it on Guitar and also teach chords and proper fingering position & Strumming techniques. You can also learn how to read guitar tablature and chord diagrams and restring and tune the guitar.

Singing Lessons

Singing Lessons are exclusively customised to the student’s objectives and stylistic preferences, including classical, pop, rock, praise, Broadway, ragtime, folk, blues, and much more. We instruct the five factors every master artist(expert singer) definitely knows, such as exactly how to use rhythm, trace patterns, playing from tablature and playing by ear. For over a quarter century, have been imparting our enthusiasm for singing to youngsters and grown-ups of any age.

Archery Lessons

In Archery Lessons, you will learn stance & posture, Nock, Loading and Learn How to Aim.Lesson Pro’s Archery Lessons were developed to help people of all ages. Lesson Pro’s desire to provide Archery Lessons to being a Confident and Passionate Archer.

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