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Bakersfield CA Guitar Lessons

In-Home Lessons What if You could learn to play anything you wanted? You can learn the necessary songs needed to develop, grow, and become a better player! We are Bakersfield ‘s gurus of the guitar, and one of the leading private guitar instructors in California. You do not have to work that hard, all you…

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Bakersfield CA Archery Lessons

Find out Archery in a 7 Day Lesson in Bakersfield Are you having trouble learning how to shoot a bow? Is the difficulty of finding a class keeping you from a learning? Learn all of the basics of archery quickly in a one-week lesson. We will show you the basics of archery such as how…

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Bakersfield CA Cooking Lessons

Learn to Create Delicious Meals in a 6 Day In Home Cooking Lesson Be taught cooking quickly in a one-week lesson. Our School will teach you cooking in your home with appetizers and entries including filet mignon, creme brule, Californian avocado, Asian vegetable and peppered chicken pasta, bacon-wrapped sweet potatoes, and other amazing dishes. This…

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