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Zionsville IN Skateboard Lessons

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About Skateboarding

Skateboarding is a great sport. The first skateboarders rode down hills in Carlsbad, CA with clay wheels so that they would have an activity to do when the surf wan’t good. The first skateboard park was made in California. Next the skateboard boom was about to…

Zion IL Skateboard Lessons

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Zephyrhills FL Skateboard Lessons

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Zimmerman MN Skateboard Lessons

The Best Customized Skate Lessons in Minnesota

We are an accredited skateboard school by ASA. Our school has taught over 12,000 students which is more than any other school. We teach all ages.

Zanesville OH Skateboard Lessons


Skateboarding is an activity that everyone should learn. The first skateboarders took big wooden boards into empty swimming pools to take their surfing to the streets. The World’s first skateboard park was made in Southern California. Shortly after, the skateboard boom was about to begin. Many skate parks that were…

Zebulon NC Skateboard Lessons