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Is learning singing often monotonous, difficult, and frustrating? Do you regularly browse the web for free lessons and seek help from online forums, but get little results? Have you bought all the books and quit?

You can learn anything you want, after learning Harmony Singing’s 5-Steps to Success System. In this system, we teach the five secrets every expert singer already knows; exactly how to use rhythm , trace patterns, playing from tablature and playing by ear.

For over twenty years, We have been sharing our love for singing with all ages. Our students range from , beginners to advanced.

Private Singing Lessons

Singing classes are custom-tailored to goals and stylistic preferences, including classical, pop, rock, praise, Broadway, ragtime, folk, blues, and much more.

Where we Teach:

singing lessons

  • At all of our studios or at your home in/or near .
  • We also give lessons at any home within twenty minutes of .

Who we Teach:

  • All ages: 4 through 104 yrs old.
  • All skillsets: Novice through Performance-level.

What we Teach:

1. Standard Theory, like rhythm and time principles

2. Span identification or the “notes”

3. Track patterns and learn how to feel the intervals in the fingers, (blank)

4. The peripheral line exercise that keeps the eye on the page while reading music.

When these levels are completed (in about 4-7 lessons) the student sight-reads specific songs in class in the monitored presence of the teacher.

What you Need:

  • A voice
  • Everything else provided by your coach. Such as:water and/or light snack and tablature.


“I took lessons as a child and played as an adult for many years but stopped after injuring my hand. Now that I am retired I want to play again and I needed a teacher.I was so lucky to find Harmony singing Lessons via his web site, and I have been studying with them for 6 months.
They connected me to a wonderfully flexible teacher who has tailored the lessons to my ability and interests. I am having a ball! ”
–Marsha in

“Thank you for helping Alyssa-you have given her a great beginning to what I know will be a lifelong gift of singing.
We will never forget coming to your cozy, peaceful, corner of the world.
We will miss you and be searching for your clone in Canada.”

–J. Young from , (now in Canada)

“When Sophia comes back from her singing lesson, she’s flying . . . It’s not only the music, but the feeling of accomplishment. ”
–Toni M. in ,

“We cannot thank you enough. You all have given Sophia the best starting foundation on which to build a musical life. We will be forever indebted to you for that. ”
–Mike M. in ,

“I was on the lookout for a mentor to my teaching co.- and feel so blessed to have found you. Your guidance has been invaluable.
I’ve learned SO much from you and just want to let you know how much I appreciate everything you’ve taught me! Specifically: Memorization, the falling technique and of course, all the material for teaching songs and chords to children. Invaluable and memorable! ”

–Lisa M. Lukas

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